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Over the past years a trend has emerged to create an aesthetically appealing seamless finished flooring. Quartz Carpet does just this, by combing natural quartz granules with an epoxy resin with no joints or breaks. The flooring is available in a range of shades and textures. It’s extremely durable and visually appealing which makes it ideal for commercial or residential interior / exterior flooring.

The stones are naturally rounded with no sharp edges. As a result of this process walking on Quartz Carpet is smooth to walk on.

• Easy to maintain and resistant to stains.
• Seamless with no grout to clean or maintain.
• Completely under-floor heating compliant.
• Applied directly over almost any existing substrate.
• Visual appealing.
• Anti-slip.
• Extremely durable for commercial use.

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Quartz Carpet in a bedroom

Quartz carpet is visually appealing and under
floor heating complaint, perfect in a bedroom .

Quartz Carpet in a bathroom

Quartz carpet is non-slip and durable,
ideal in a bathroom.

Quartz Carpet around a swimming pool

Quartz carpet is non-slip and seamless,
making it easy to maintaining around a pool.